Castle Museum

The Castle of Peralada, from the 14th century, is an important and complex artistic ensemble.The former fortess was destroyed along with the town in1285 and extensions were added in the Late Middle Ages. The present castle is a factitious ensemble made in the second half of the XIX century where are integrated the castle, the park and the Carmelite Convent, the current Museum and the Library of the Castle of Peralada.

The main façade can be visited everyday from 12.00 hours to dawn, except days on which an event is organized in the main square.

Carmelite Convent - Peralada Castle Museum
The Peralada Castle Museum is located in an old 14th-century Carmelite convent.

The museum displays the private collections of the castle: the library, which contains nearly 100.000 books; the ceramics collection, featuring 1.000 different pieces; the glass collection, which is considered to be the most important in Spain and one of the largest collections in the world by a single owner, with more than 2.500 pieces; the cloister, which houses the stone collection; the Gothic church, with its 14th-century coffered ceiling; and the wine museum with a very complete display of objects related to wine culture, dating from the 14th century onwards. The tour ends in the convent cellar, where the well-known Gran Claustro wine is still produced today. 

Castle Park
Designed by French-Belgian landscape architect François Duvillers, this is a historic park that conserves the essence of its origins.

In 1875, the Counts of Rocabertí refurbished the medieval military fortress, converting it into a French-style château. Next to the new palace, the Counts decided to place a park, making use of their own adjacent land known as “lo Bosch del Comte" In addition to the storks, as you walk through the park, you will also enjoy a French rose garden, yews, bottle trees, magnolias, pines and cypresses, as well as an over two-hundred-year-old holm oak that was there before the park was created. 

You will also enjoy the 19th-century aviary, which is home to pheasants and several species of doves; the cave, which was built in 1877.

Museu del Castell de Peralada
Plaça del Carme, s/n 17491 Peralada
Tel. 972 53 81 25  Fax 972 53 80 87