Orlina Natural Observation Area. Almirall and Sant Isidre springs.

We highlight our historical past with water, with the Almirall and Sant Isidre fountains dating from 1921 and 1949, respectively.
The Orlina and Anyet rivers are tributaries of the Llobregat river, which in turn is a tributary of the Muga river. Together with the river Manol, they are part of an extensive fluvial network that runs through the municipalities of Peralada and Vilanova de la Muga. Both Orlina and Llobregat are included in the protected area of the Natura 2000 Network and PEIN (Plan for Areas of Natural Interest).

The high concentration of rivers in the same area means that the municipality of Peralada has a great landscape and environmental value with a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. In these areas, the alder is the most representative tree species, as well as birds such as the stork and the kingfisher, and mammals such as the otter.