Mediaeval Empordà


Empordà Medieval is a project focused on the County of Empúries, which during its five centuries, generated a history and set up a territory that we can still identify today in many of the heritage elements that best identify the Empordà.

We propose 14 routes to trace the footprint left by the long and complex relationships from the ninth to the fourteenth century of the houses of Empúries, Barcelona and the Bishops of Girona and the people who lived during this period of our history.14 routes built to visit churches, monasteries and convents, castles and towns in 50 Empordà municipalities that developed during this period and that continue to exist, with routes ranging from 6 kilometers to 70.

In the brochure that publishes, details the opening hours of the most notable points of interest or even the indication of where the key to visit it can be found.

  • L'Empordà Medieval

    Carrer de l'Oli, 4 17491 Peralada, Girona



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