Itinerary from Peralada to la Serra de l'Atrera

This circular, sign-posted route starts at the public car park of Peralada, skirts the village and continues to Mollet de Peralada via a vine-lined track. Leaving Mollet, follow a tarmac road to Masarac, where the most difficult section ascends to la Serra de l'Altera, from where there are panoramic views of the plain and Albera. Upon arriving at Vilarnadal, cross the village and take the trail parallel to the road from Vilarnadal to Cabanes (if the path is in bad condition the road is an alternative route) until it joins the GIV-6024 which leads to Cabanes. Cross the village and continue along the track that leads out of the east of Cabanes and arrives at the starting point, Peralada.

Difficulty: medium

Distance: 20km