The house of the Muntaner


Located in this part of the town, on the north side of the Plaça Major (town square), was the house where the famous chronicler Ramon Muntaner (Peralada, 1265 - Ibiza, 1336) was born and spent part of his childhood.

However, virtually nothing remains today of the large building where the chronicler was born, and where King James I of Aragon and his son-in-law Alfonso X of Castile also stayed on their way to France. In fact, we know that the residence of the Muntaner fam ily was destroyed during the fire that devastated Peralada in June 1285 and its reconstruction did not begin until a few years later (1294). Then, the family of our protagonist, led by his mother and his sister-in-law, both widows, sold the different parts of the house - still in ruins - to several people of the village, who took on the reconstruction and made the building their home.