Convent of Sant Bartomeu and the old castle


In 1390, the Viscount of Peralada, Felip Dalmau de Rocabertí, ceded a plot located to the north of the parish church to the community of Augustine canonesses of Sant Bartomeu de Bell-lloc so that they could build a convent, which was still in use in the 20th century until the 1970s;  today it is a residential building.

The archaeological excavations of 1989 revealed two very important finds: the remains of the old viscount castle, a Carolingian fortress known as Castro Tolon, which was destroyed in 1285 as a result of the war between the Kings Peter the Great and Philip the Bold, and the only remains known to this day of the wall of an Iberian oppidum of the 3rd-5th century BC,  that is, that belonged to the first settlers of this place where a thousand years later the town of Peralada would be built.